Mouresi is found on the main road three kilometers north of Tsagarada. It is a widely spread village built on the lush north slope of a long ridge rising steep above the Kissos Stream. From this position it has an unimpeded view toward the villages of Kissos, Agios Dimitrios and Agios Ioannis and of course over the Aegean Sea.

At the foot of the slope is Damouhari, a heavenly little hamlet, Mouresi’s pride and prize and formerly northeastern Pelion’s natural port, where ships would bring their trade. Damouhari today consists of two lovely inlets separated by a narrow little cape on which still stand the ruins of a medieval castle. The little bay on the left still is a lovely little port where fishing boats will lazy about rocking softly on the wave, while its twin is now a quite attractive pebbly beach. Amongst the olive trees that abound there one will find quite a few quaint old houses mingling with new onesOne of the oldest villages in Pelion. Originally it was situated at Damouhari beach where one can still see the remains of old houses and a Byzantine castle. Mouresi square is very picturesque with huge shady lime frees and the church of Trinity with its wonderful carved alter-screen. great tavernas and a captivating atmosphere reminiscent of life in the olden days. From Damouhari, a short walk over a low ridge will bring the visitor to Papa Nero, a wonderful sandy beach, beyond which is the beach of Agios Ioannis.

The Mouresi flag-stoned square is at the heart of the village and has great vistas over the mountain and the sea. It is shaded by three giant linden trees under which stands the most impressive metropolitan temple of Agia Triada [Holy Trinity].

Where to stay
Where to eat
  • “Adis Oneirou” guesthouse is located in Mouresi, one of the oldest Pelion villages near Tsangarada. It consists of two houses built in the traditional Pelion style with a wonderful view of the mountain and the sea.
  • The traditional guesthouse PRASINO GALAZIO is situated at a preferential point at the east coast of Pelion, in the village Mouresi. After 2 years of hard work we have created with lots of passion, personal care and respect for the natural surroundings an accommodation which consists of 2 stone buildings with 12 suites in total, connecting all modern facilities with Greek tradition.
  • Papoutsis Mansion is found in the square of village Mouresi with three separate traditional lodgings, that the householder renovated, and is constituted with seven luxurious suites offering comfort luxury, relaxation and splendid view...
  • "Gardenia Studios" a garden of about 2 acres-A vast land of plants, flowers and trees. An earthly paradise- 6 fully equipped kitchens spread out in a bewildering nature of unique smells and plants such as: gardenias, hydrangeas, camellias, mistletoes and jasmines.