Rousis Apartments

Ζαγορά Πηλίου, 37001
24260 23407
24260 23272
Ανοιχτά ολο το χρονο

With great pleasure we welcome youin the beautiful traditional hostel "Rousis" in Zagora on Pelion.

Here you can enjoy all the comforts of modern aesthetics and simplicity that suits the space. We can meet as far as possible every wish and make you feel convenient and comfortable as if you were in your place.

The Zagora Pelion, the traditional village, pleasures you with the hostel “ Rousis „.
   To find a hostel in Pelion is easy, but finding something beautiful, traditional and economic is difficult. The hostel Roussis is perhaps unique.

It is a guesthouse with 10 spacious rooms create a friendly and relaxed environment. In such a place from where one can enjoy a dreamy sunset ...

We can offer!
  •     Wi-Fi Internet
  •     Kitchenette in some rooms
  •     Heating, cooling
  •     Television
  •     Room cleaning
  •     Patio or balcony
  •     Fireplace
  •     W.C. with shower
  •     Full set of bathroom
  •     Garden living room area
  •     Private parking
Our rooms!

The tradition of hospitality is very important in Greek culture. It is well known that in ancient times the Greeks were famous for the way they looked after their guests as if they were members of their family.

The Hostel "Roussis" features a building with rooms that have balconies overlooking the Pelion and the Aegean sea.


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