Gardenia Studios

Mouresi, Pelion, Greece, 37012
Ανοιχτά ολο το χρόνο


A garden of about 2 acres-A vast land of plants, flowers and trees.An earthly paradise- 6 fully equipped kitchens spread out in a bewildering nature of unique smells and plants such as: gardenias, hydrangeas, camellias, mistletoes and jasmines.

A combination of vivid colours that captivates the mind and takes you back to an era of relaxation and serenity.

A colour climax Magnificent colours such as: pink-purple-white-red-violet and bright purple

A unique combination of colours.

A simple, but almost unique colour combination of the nature composes a masterpiece of an acquaintance and talented artist. The Nature. The only and real one who creates artistically the garden of Gardenia. A garden, a scenery of unrivalled beauty.


While driving, feeling a bit dizzy because of the long trip, a bit hectic because of the busy lifestyle, just bearing the hot temperatures and just before you reach Ag.Ioannis, one of the most popular summer resorts, a snow -white clump of jasmines emerges and surrounds artistically this fascinating garden – letting out a fine smell of jasmine, so intensive that sneaks in the aroma of the car trip and predisposes you for a time of relaxation and uniqueness or (just for the time of your life)……..

By opening the big, green, wooden, gate you enter an earthly paradise – full of fine smells-intriguing aromas – captivating sounds and fascinating sceneries so alive and unique.

The first impression that the visitor has, is a combination of vivid colours, the colours of the Nature. The first sounds that the visitor can get by the time entering the Gardenia Garden is the wonderful song of the birds and the rustling of foliages. Sometimes a warm, sometimes a cool breeze conveys the image of the Aegean aquamarine and the fine taste of the green Mountain Pelion. A truly unique mixture of sounds and pictures.

Walking down the slated path, you are surrounded by smelly splendid magnolias, jaunty cherry trees, and seigniorial camellias and by attractive hydrangeas that are being spread out in various, vivid colours such as purple – blue, violet, white and bright pink on a painting pallet being offered to you in order to create your own colours, your own painting.

11:20am – A cicada is singing carefree under the shade of a dense tree and you feel so lucky and blessed that you are sitting under the tall cherry tree being care free as well about the heat that is becoming more and more unbearable, while watching the busy life of ants that are struggling to make a living, the playful butterflies are chasing each other where as somewhere in the distance a small black bird is carrying some warms to feed its baby birds.

Walking down to the self-catering studios that are being spread out in the garden of Gardenia the visitor captures the deep blue of the Aegean Sea that is being distinguished through the dense and lush nature of Mt.Pelion to be artistically matched with the vivid colours of the unique, unexcelled beauty of Pelion Nature.

The construction of the 3 studios in an uneven level, offers to the visitor an image of dominating cherry trees, unique lilacs, camellias and hydrangeas. Last but not least the old fig tree dominates over the other two studios that arte situated on the level beneath it.

Continuing the downward path the visitor outfaces the diligent, tireless bees going on from a flower to another flower, continuing their sweet but also important journey, whereas nothing or no one can intrude this secret ritual.

By reaching to the second level where the other two studios are situated a unique, perfect aroma of the two big Gardenias plants that are standing impetuous at the background of the background of the yard, welcomes you warmly. Captivated by the sweet aromas (an intriguing aroma that is combined by a variety of smells that interact per minute. An aroma that could even be a great inspiration for Zuzstikn’s hero in the book “The perfume” and the last one would make everything possible to have it and close it in a small bottle for ever) you are being led at the back of the yard just to find out a colourful cluster of hydrangeas in colours of bright pink, dark pink and lilacs to accompany the hand-made stone spring. This magical image, that can’t be captivated is combined by the sweet aroma of the lemon tree that is situated descriptively by the superb hydrangeas. While someone is looking at the Aegean Sea from the Garden of Gardenia is probably wondering how excellently can the blue of the sky be matched with the deep blue of the Aegean and finally all these colours are perfectly matched to the green colour of Mt.Pelion.

On the third level you can find the last studio that is surrounded by a dense group of tall trees that merely touch the blue sky. A lush, dense “forest” that is being invaded by the bright, blue colour of the Aegean Sea and those together compose a breathtaking view that invades magisterially in the view of the small yard. The colours here are becoming darker and darker as the blackberry tree is gently embracing the wooden fence of the yard. 

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