Chania-Kissos Path

Point 1 - Setting off from Chania settlement

We set off from Chania settlement (Municipality of Agria) and we follow the road to Zagora and to the ski resort.

10min later we reach the junction to the ski resort, where we see a road sign "Kissos 12km".
Altitude: 1240 meters

Point 2 - Asphalt road junction to the base of the ski lifts

We continue towards the ski resort and when we reach the second parking lot we follow the road to the left.  

Altitude: 1170 meters

Point 3 - Ski lifts base

This leads to the base of the ski lifts (photo). The distance from Chania to the base of the ski lifts is 2 km. From here, the asphalt road continues for another 1,5 km.
 Altitude: 1150 meters

Point 4 - Path junction

One kilometer after the base of the ski lifts, we come to a fresh water spring.

Altitude: 1040 meters

Point 5 - Dirt road junction

The path goes downhill through one of the most beautiful beech tree forests of the area. It is quite steep at first and then it goes smoothly. Then it is cut off by a forest road. We turn right into the forest road. 

Altitude: 1020 meters

Point 6 - Path junction

After 10m on our right we find the path that goes downhill into the forest. 

Altitude: 930 meters

Point 7 - Continue along the path

The cobbled path turns to a ground path and leads us out of the forest under "Agriogidi" peak. On this sunward slope there is lush vegetation (mostly ferns). We must look out to make out the path through the ferns. 

Altitude: 860 meters

Point 8 - Dirt road junction

The path ends up to a dirt road among chestnut trees. We turn right. 

Altitude: 830 meters

Point 9 - Dirt road junction

200m further we come to the main dirt road that connects Kissos to Chania. We turn left and we follow this road.

Altitude: 770 meters

Point 10 - Junction

At 900m we reach a junction and we follow the road on the left. 

Altitude: 660 meters

Point 11 - Cobbled path junction (Detoure to visit old chapel)

After 1000m the dirt road turns into a cement road. At the next junction we turn left into the cobbled path that leads to St Efstathios Church that is worth visiting.

Nearby locations: Aghios Efstathios Church (49 meters), Aghios Efstathios quarter (125 meters), 

Altitude: 640 meters

Point 12 - Path junction

We go back to the cement road, we turn left and a few meters further down on our right the path goes downhill. We turn right.

Nearby locations: Aghios Efstathios quarter (65 meters), Aghios Efstathios Church (109 meters),

Altitude: 610 meters

Point 13 - Cement road junction

After a while we come to a cement road. We cross the road and we go on to the path that we see in front of us (photo).

Nearby locations: Aghios Efstathios quarter (40 meters),

 Altitude: 590 meters

Point 14 - Road junction

We are among the first houses of Kissos. The path is cut off by a road where we turn left.

Nearby locations: Aghios Efstathios quarter (80 meters),

Altitude: 560 meters

Point 15 - Road junction

The road turns into a quite steep cobbled path in the village. After a while we see the road that we cross and we continue into the path exactly opposite.

Nearby locations: Kissos Settlement (75 meters), Kissos Pharmacy (121 meters), Vougiouklis Fountain (134 meters), Kissos Surgery (139 meters),

Altitude: 520 meters

Point 16 - Finish. Kissos Square

The path ends at Kissos Square and St Marina Church.

Nearby locations: Vougiouklis Fountain (10 meters), Kissos Pharmacy (21 meters), Kissos Surgery (27 meters), Aghia Marina church (63 meters), Kissos Settlement (66 meters), Aghia Marina square (79 meters), Kissos parking (121 meters),
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