Taverna Meintani

Zagora, pelion, 37001
24260 22626
The oil and cooking materials are local.

The Tavern "MEINTANI" succeeded in reviving dreamy moments of pleasure and taste through time, to highlight unique authentic local recipes and gain the reputation as the paradise of gastronomy Pelion.
Located in Zagora, Pelion, 47 km away from the city of Volos. It offers room to 70 people and a courtyard with magnificent views of the Aegean Sea and the mountain of Pelion.

           The kitchen relies on local materials and products, fresh produce kaliergoume in our garden, the fresh local meats, fish, unique to traditional recipes and hands masterfully Mrs Nike cooks. The hall includes a beautiful environment that is dominated by wood heating system (stove, fireplace). The courtyard of the tavern are a small room with 6 tables for the summer months.