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  It is the center of the University of Thessaly, of the Volos city and District Theatre and the Music Theatre Foundation and it has intense intellectual and artistic movement. At a small distance from Volos are the archeological sites of Dimlni and Sesklo and the ancient theatre of Demefrias while among the most important sights of the city if is worth mentioning the Archeological Museum and the Town Hail, a sample of the peiioritic architecture where the visitor is impressed by the engravings by lassos and a permanent exhibition of historical photographs of Volos.

  The city of Volos which dates back only one and a half centurybut whose history and mythology is thousands of years old, is built on the ruins of the ancient city of lolkos home of Jason and the Argonauts Its geographical position at the foot of Pelion mountain and in the bay of the Pagasitic gulf, renders it one of the most beautiful cities of Greece.Volos, a modern city with a population of 120.000 people, is developing into an important commercial and tourist center of the country while the port is the gate of Europe to the Middle East.

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