Agria village situated  7 km southeast of Volos is the beautiful wild, is a coastal tourist destination which lies on the side of Pagasitikos Gulf. Agria, a modern and dynamic town, offering the unique moments of relaxation and enjoyment through the many waterfront taverns, restaurants, tsipouradika with delicious snacks and refreshments. Enjoying the good weather for a walk on the beach of Agria, enjoy your coffee in one of the many cafes and enjoy well cooked food and traditional recipes from the taverns. Also visit the wild and then along the beach in Soutrali.

Guests have the opportunity to be entertained through the many cultural-artistic events organized successfully the City each year. One of them is the International Guitar Festival which brings soloists from around the world and the 'fishermans Night', a traditional celebration, which offered abundant fish and the fun lasts until dawn.

It is also worth visiting the church of the Holy Cross in the splendid carved iconostasis and the church of Panagia was built on a rock. Enjoy your walk on the beach and buy beautiful pottery, fresh fruit and sweets.
Agria, the old train station of Agria (Pelion train).

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