Agios Dimitrios

 B's a traditional village with a unique view of the Aegean, ideal for quiet vacations throughout the year. Its cobbled paths, its flowery yards, its squares with the traditional water fountains are difficult to forget.

Agios Dimitrios Pelion is a sprawling village built on a long, densely wooded ridge that reaches the sea. The village got its name from an old monastery at the site of which now stands the majestic church of Agios Dimitrios. The village is criss-crossed by a maze of stone-paved paths that lead to squares and chapels, to friendly tavernas and hospitable accommodation, which lately has been developing rapidly.

Eventually, as the visitor wanders about the paths and alleys, he is bound to reach the lovely seaside resort of Agios Ioannis, which in the past was Agios Dimitrios’ fishing port but now has evolved into a well organized summer resort.

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