It has been a great cultural centre. The revolution of Pelion started here in 1821. Its leader was Anthimos Gazis. Today Milies, one of the most authentic Pelioritic villages, is a creative refuge for a lot of artists and literary people.

The historical church of Pammegisti Taxiarhes (1741) in the square of the village with a wonderful gold plated screen and important post - Byzantine frescoes. The inscription "PSYHIS AKOS'' (THERAPY OF THE SOUL) in the entrance of the famous historical !!PUBLIC LIBRARY OF MILIES' prepares us for a spiritual meeting with rare manuscripts and old priceless books.

     Exactly a century ago the little train of Pelion started. The Volos - Milies line was designed and constructed by Evarisfo de Kiriko. Today, many years after the closure of the line, the train has started functioning again this time for tourists, The journey is fascinating passing through green valleys, gorges, small tunnels and crossing arched bridges. Near the long iron bridge and the station in Mules is, according to Mythology, the cave of Centaur Chiron.


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