The village of Xourichti is the entry point of Mouresi Municipality from the south. It is located on a verdant plateau right above the Tsounaga Gorge, Pelion’s deepest and most impressive gorge, which comprises an ideal location for canyoning. The village has a bird’s eye view of the eastern slopes of Pelion: gorgeous, rocky terrain to the south, and lush, green to the north, and -- over Tsounaga -- to Tsagarada, the capital of the Municipality.

The road leading to Xourihti is tortuous with several hairpin bends; it is flanked by immense crags rising straight to the sky on the left and steep, precipitous, rocky formations diving into deep gorges on the right. The wilderness of the landscape is truly awesome and mystifying, but as the eye scans the eastern horizon it sees that the harshness of the landscape is softened by the calm presence of the peaceful olive groves along the coast and the serenity of the little, sandy heaven of Limnionas, a lovely beach as yet unspoilt by human intervention.

Xourihti is a green village with many fruit orchards and vegetable gardens. From it start the cobbled mule-tracks that lead over the mountain to Milies in the southwest and to Hania and Tsagarada in the north. The path leading to Tsagarada crosses the gorge at a spot where an old one-arched stone bridge still stands, forgotten by time and man. In winter, the Milopotamos River runs under it powerful and roaring, giving the place an eerie air of desolation, while in springtime the rejuvenated nature transforms it into a great, scenic place that will mesmerize the hiker, the picnicker, the nature lover.

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