44 km from the city of Volos, at the north-eastern tip of the prefecture of magnesia, Pelion, is one of lesser-known but equally fascinating villages of Pelion, the lovely cover.

A picturesque village, with the Aegean Sea to spread the legs and the Halkidiki be distinguished in depth of horizon, uniquely combines the mountain (altitude 300 meters) to the sea (5 km). Three successive paved squares, nestle in accordance with the typical Pelion architecture, towering in the center of the village: the central or "Alonaki Beach" in the past, with the tall trees and the surrounding shops and tavernas, the church of St.George, and schools, with λυγερά cypress trees and wonderful views of the sea. The church of St.George is rate royal, with a loggia around, roof plate and launch date in 1787.

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