Villa En-Helion

Agios Ioannis - Anilio Pelion Mt.
0030 2426032179 0030 6974879623

Villa En-Helion is located on the north-eastern side of Pelion, between Anilion and                 Agios Ioannis villages, where you can enjoy the spectacular view of the Aegean Sea,             only 5-6 mins by car away from the wonderful beach of Plaka and ~10min from the         beaches Agios Ioannis and  Papa Nero.

The Ground-floor of the Villa has 2 comfortable rooms (one 2-bed & another                     4-bed, with their own bathrooms, mini-fridges, mini-kitchens, T.V. and wireless internet) and a living room in between. The Ground-floor is available only as an entire space.

On the First Floor3-bed room (fully equiped), is available independently.

For big groups is possible to book the entire Villa (ground floor + 3-bed r. 1st fl.)                                                         


                                                                       LOW SEASON          HIGH SEASON                                                                              (1/6-15/7 & 21/8-15/9)         (16/7-20/8)               3-bed Room of the 1st floor                                     50                        6              Ground Floor (2-bed/r.+4-bed/r.+Living)             110                     120 €               The entire Villa (Ground floor + 3-bed/r.1st fl.)    160 €                    180 

Please visit our website and our facebook page

For reservations call us in 0030 2426032179 and 0030 6974879623 or send us an e-mail in

We are looking forward to offer you our hospitality!

Stasinopoulos family



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